Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Is it possible that . . .

If you are a teacher you will find Secretary Duncan’s comments about teacher pay that he made July 29th at a conference for the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards very interesting. Would a starting salary of $60,000 and a top salary of $150,000 be an incentive for more people to consider our profession? Duncan seems to think so.

Like most things from the Education Department it comes with attachments including performance–based teacher accountability and a higher bar for students entering schools of education. He wants the best and the brightest to enter the profession.

"Top undergraduates will flock to a profession that demands high standards and credentials," he said.

It is a short article. What is worth the read are the comments from teachers and others not favorable to the Secretary such as this one.

I kinda thought that most people were drawn to the profession of teaching not because of its "high standards and credentials" but because of an intrinsic desire and need to help others. I certainly think more prestige would help attract more people.

What are your thoughts about what I consider a very remote possibility to increase salaries to this extent or on the direction of the Education Department?

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