Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A welcome break . . .

I was a bit premature in my last post about Nancy and Kristin’s guest post on key content, one of our Classroom 10 characteristics. I once again forgot that this was midwinter break, so they will be sharing what they have learned with us sometime next week.

Speaking of breaks – am I ever so thankful that the snow and potential for more just happens to coincide with this break. It makes falling to sleep and waking up a much more enjoyable experience knowing that we do not need to make a decision about what to do; cancel, late start, or on time.

As I look across the country at the weather situation, we have much to be thankful for that this has thus far been a “good” winter. Yes, we started out with some problems, but not compared to what much of the country and world have had to face. Making the “difficult” call is not one that I look forward to, but after much reflection and study we have a process in place that provides us with guidance for dealing with many situations. Of course, there still is the problem with snow that starts falling after 6:00 am making for much more difficult situations.

How do they go to school in Montana and Chicago with much more snow and ice for longer periods of time? What can we learn from their experiences? In the meantime, thanks to the midwinter break for easing this week’s stress. Anyone seen next week’s forecast?

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